Bird Names That Start With P

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The avian world is brimming with countless species, each boasting unique characteristics and captivating names. For those seeking birds that begin with the letter “p,” a fascinating array awaits.

bird names that start with p

Passerines: A Diverse Group

Passerines, often known as perching birds, constitute a remarkably diverse order within the avian family. This group encompasses a vast array of species, including the following:

  • Purple Finch: With its vibrant crimson plumage, this songbird brightens landscapes across North America.
  • Painted Bunting: Boasting a breathtaking kaleidoscope of colors, this stunning bird is a sight to behold in the southeastern United States.
  • Pine Siskin: A small, agile bird associated with coniferous forests, identifiable by its yellow-streaked plumage.
  • Palm Warbler: A migratory species that frequents palm groves, known for its distinctive yellow face and olive-green back.

Beyond Passerines: Other Bird Names Starting with P

While passerines account for many bird names that start with “p,” there are a wealth of other species to discover:

  • Puffin: These charming, flightless birds possess distinctive black-and-white coats and a playful demeanor.
  • Pelican: Known for their extraordinary bills, pelicans soar gracefully over bodies of water, catching fish with remarkable precision.
  • Parrot: With their vibrant plumage and exceptional cognitive abilities, parrots captivate bird enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Ptarmigan: These adaptable birds change their plumage color with the seasons, seamlessly blending into their surroundings.
  • Phalarope: These water-loving birds possess unique webbed feet that allow them to glide effortlessly across the surface of the water.


The alphabet’s “p” introduces us to a remarkable assemblage of birds, each possessing unique traits and captivating names. From the colorful plumage of passerines to the fascinating adaptations of non-passerine species, exploring bird names that start with “p” unveils a treasure trove of avian diversity.

Whether you’re an avid birder or simply curious about the wonders of the natural world, delving into this ornithological pursuit offers a journey filled with beauty, intrigue, and endless fascination.


What are the most common bird names that start with “p”?

Purple Finch, Painted Bunting, Pine Siskin, and Palm Warbler are some of the most well-known bird names beginning with “p.”

Which bird name starting with “p” is the largest?

Pelican is the largest bird name starting with “p,” known for its massive size and distinctive bill.

Which bird name starting with “p” is the most colorful?

Painted Bunting is considered the most colorful bird name starting with “p,” featuring a vibrant array of colors in its plumage.

Which bird name starting with “p” is the most intelligent?

Parrot is the most intelligent bird name starting with “p,” renowned for its exceptional cognitive abilities.

Which bird name starting with “p” is the most migratory?

Palm Warbler is the most migratory bird name starting with “p,” undertaking long journeys between its breeding and wintering grounds.