Edward Duke of York Dog Names

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Edward, Duke of York, was a member of the British royal family who lived from 1894 to 1972. He was the youngest son of King George V and Queen Mary, and the brother of King George VI and King Edward VIII. Edward was known for his love of dogs, and he had many beloved pets throughout his life. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular dog names during Edward’s time, as well as some modern names that are inspired by his legacy.

Edward was a passionate dog lover, and he owned many different breeds throughout his life. Some of his favorite breeds included the Corgi, the Dachshund, and the Pekingese. He was known for his affectionate nature towards his pets, and he often took them with him on his travels around the world.

edward duke of york dog names

Popular Dog Names During Edward’s Time

During Edward’s time, there were many popular dog names that were commonly used. Some of the most popular names for male dogs included Jack, Bobby, and Prince. For female dogs, some of the most popular names were Topsy, Flossie, and Queenie. These names were often chosen because they were simple and easy to remember, and they reflected the popular culture of the time.

Another popular trend during Edward’s time was to name dogs after famous people or characters from literature. For example, it was common to name a dog after a famous actor or actress, such as Charlie Chaplin or Greta Garbo. Dogs were also named after characters from popular books, such as Sherlock Holmes or Alice in Wonderland.

Today, many people still choose to name their dogs after famous people or characters. Some popular choices include Harry, after the famous wizard from the Harry Potter series, and Bella, after the main character from the Twilight series.

Modern Dog Names Inspired by Edward’s Legacy

Edward’s love of dogs has inspired many people to name their pets after him or his family members. Some popular choices include George, after his brother King George VI, and Elizabeth, after his sister-in-law Queen Elizabeth II. Other popular names include Albert, after his father King George V, and Mary, after his mother Queen Mary.

Another popular trend is to name dogs after famous places or landmarks associated with the royal family. For example, some people choose to name their dogs Windsor, after Windsor Castle, or Balmoral, after Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Overall, there are many different dog names that are inspired by Edward’s legacy. Whether you choose a classic name from his time, or a modern name that reflects his influence, there are plenty of options to choose from.


What kind of dogs did Edward, Duke of York, own?

Edward owned many different breeds of dogs throughout his life, including Corgis, Dachshunds, and Pekingese.

What were some popular dog names during Edward’s time?

Some popular dog names during Edward’s time included Jack, Bobby, Prince, Topsy, Flossie, and Queenie.

What are some modern dog names inspired by Edward’s legacy?

Some modern dog names inspired by Edward’s legacy include George, Elizabeth, Albert, Mary, Windsor, and Balmoral.

How can I choose the perfect name for my dog?

Choosing the perfect name for your dog can be a fun and creative process. Some people choose names based on their dog’s breed or personality, while others choose names based on their favorite books, movies, or TV shows. Whatever name you choose, make sure it is easy to remember and reflects your dog’s unique personality.